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We Provide Choice and Excellence
in Home Health Care

We Provide Choice and Excellence
in Home Health Care

Empathy Care, Inc. is a Medicare-certified home health care agency in Delray Beach. We offer skilled nursing and therapeutic services and many specialized services throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties. We provide full-time, part-time, and even intermittent care for people transitioning back into their homes from a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitative facility — situations often requiring skilled services that family members aren’t equipped to handle alone.
Of course, we’re also available for people who might not be in a state of transition at all, but simply want us in their homes to help them minimize the possibility of an institutional setting down the road. That could include people who had elective surgeries such as knee or hip replacements, a growing trend as people live longer and better.
And rest assured that we additionally offer assistance to people who have difficulty managing a health problem at home on their own, or who may need compassionate and supportive care during the terminal phase of an illness.

Our Satisfied Clientele

Mind you, Empathy Care isn’t part of a giant corporate chain. Since 1992 we’ve been independently owned and operated, which allows us the flexibility to personalize reassuring programs of care for every client. Indeed, whatever the circumstances that bring us to you, sensitivity is the basis of everything we do. Testimonials we’ve received, both in video and in letters, seem to bear that out.
Our staff is hand-picked for high-level skills, experience, reliability, self-initiative, and communication expertise. And, because we understand that every client is unique, we also insist that our staff members have an ability to adapt to each client’s “comfort zone.”
We are also an active member of the Home Care Association of Florida, a nonprofit organization that exists to give home health care providers the information they need to deliver high quality, cost effective services to patients and clients in their homes. Learn more on our news page.
We’ve also been named four times to the HomeCare Elite list of the top 25 percent of Medicare-certified home health care agencies in the nation. We’re working hard to keep the momentum going.
(See news story.)
We believe you’ll find that our credentials speak for themselves — and real people speak more realistically than anything else. Check our video of a real couple to see what we mean.

My elderly uncle needed 24/7 care for a couple of weeks due to reduced mobility. The in-home care services were set up quickly and efficiently. The aids were very professional and attentive to my uncle's needs, as well as incredibly kind and caring. I would definitely recommend using Empathy Care without hesitation.

Zoe Valadez

As I recovered from a hip fracture I received fabulous care from the team of caregivers Empathy Care. Their staff are caring, considerate, and very helpful. Kudos to the following staff, Andrea was my Occupational Therapist and quite a great thinker, Tammy and Andy managed my physical therapy and made sure I was always moving my best. Today I am fully recovered and it is in part to the strength of Empathy Care's team. I am forever grateful.

Carole Smith

This is an update to my post of 2 years ago. The Empathy Care aides remained with my stepfather in assisted living, and the care they provided remained outstanding. He passed away recently and his now long time aides were with him until the end. They communicated with me throughout his decline, keeping me updated on doctor visits, heath issues and his general state of mind. While I visited when I could, his 24 hour aids had a much better feeling for his general demeanor. When his passing was near, his aides were in constant contact with me. I was out of town and their updates were invaluable to me. They were just as upset as I was. His aides are genuinely good and caring people. I can still recommend Empathy Care without reservation.

Shari Vaughan

Empathy Care is a 5 star home health care agency . I recently came out of the hospital, they provided me with exceptional care. I recieved superior physical therapy at home. Staff was very caring.

Ellenlinda Newberg

We Work For You

But we also advocate researching all of your options until you’re confident you’ve arrived at a choice that gives you the excellence you deserve.
To learn more about us, please visit the rest of our website. You’ll find a great deal more information throughout. Or, if you’d prefer, drop us an e-mail, or call us at 561-395-9101. If you’re out of the local area, you can reach us toll-free at 800-606-0856.
There is an art to caring, and a science to healing. We won’t let you down on either level.

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