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Low Vision Rehab

Overcoming Vision Problems with Specialized Rehabilitation

When injury, disease, or age-related changes alter vision — or even cause permanent visual loss — adjusting to new circumstances is typically very difficult. However, a therapist trained in low-vision rehabilitation can make all the difference in coping with the challenges brought on by that kind of new situation.

Empathy Care offers a special rehabilitation program with an occupational therapist certified in low-vision rehabilitation precisely for those situations.
Our program includes individualized evaluation, physician care coordination, patient training and education, and home modification that creates a safer environment in which to move around.
Among the strategies Empathy Care employs to optimize functional independence, we include:
  • Modification of activities and the home environment;
  • Instruction in how to maximize the use of any remaining vision;
  • Training in the use of assistive devices and visual aides;
  • Reading and handwriting training through therapeutic exercises and activities;
  • Information on support groups and low-vision resources in the patient’s community.
To learn more, please call us at (561) 395-9101 or, for out-of-area calls, (800) 606-0856. If you’d prefer, just send an e-mail our director of nursing.

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