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Occupational Therapy

When Daily Tasks Are Daunting, Occupational Therapy Can Help

Most people take for granted their ability to perform simple daily tasks, such as shopping, doing the laundry, bathing, driving or even using the telephone. Those are the daily occupations of living. But for people returning home from a hospital or a skilled nursing facility because of an illness or surgery, even daily tasks can seem daunting. Empathy Care’s professional occupational therapists can make all the difference.

Occupational therapists are specifically trained to identify limitations in function and formulate a plan of treatment that enables patients to function at their highest possible level. And, with increased function comes restored confidence in making your life your own once again.

But occupational therapists do more than develop programs and help patients learn techniques for managing daily tasks. They’re also adept at assessing a patient’s home for safety and making recommendations for adaptive equipment. A patient’s overall physical capacity and cognitive ability are also evaluated and treated by the occupational therapist.

It’s a team approach, really, that additionally involves education and patients working closely with the therapist on compliance. If you’re in need of an occupational therapist or would like to learn more, please drop an e-mail our director of nursing. Of course, we also welcome phone calls. If you’re local, call 561-395-9101. If you’re out of the area, dial 800-606-0856. We’re confident we can help. 

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