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Get help for lymphedema with Empathy Care’s team of specialized clinicians

If you suffer from lymphedema or know someone who does, we can help. We’ve added a team of specialized clinicians who can effectively manage this condition, which is an accumulation of fluid in superficial tissues that typically affects a person’s extremities such as the arms or legs. The condition can stem from a malformation of the lymphatic system or can arise from injury, excision or radiation therapy to the lymph nodes. People with lymphedema can become debilitated as a result of the excessive swelling.

Our trained professionals manage the condition with a non-invasive approach known as “Complete Decongestive Therapy,” which is comprised of four components. Those components are manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, decompression exercises and skin care.

If you have lymphedema, our staff would be honored to help make a difference in your life. Call us at 561-395-9101 for more information. Meanwhile, read more about this condition at on our Lymphedema Therapy page.

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